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My Singing Monsters Hack No Survey

My Singing Monsters Review…

If we are being honest, there aren’t too terribly many mobile/flash games out there that actually offered any incentive whatsoever to keep playing outside of their very addictive gameplay.

Sure, sometimes you can’t get sucked into one specific title over another, and maybe sink 10 or 12 hours a week into a game that you never thought you’d be into. But before you know it, that game manufacturer puts out another brand-new title and you forget all about the old one, jumping on board the new title to get your fix.

It’s just the way that things are set up right now for the majority of the games out there – but that’s not the way that things are going to go when you play My Singing Monsters.

A multiple/flash game with a purpose…

One of the most exciting things about My Singing Monsters is that it takes a lot of the fun and addictive gameplay from a bunch of other popular titles, blends it into a brand-new title filled with drop dead gorgeous graphics and artwork, and wraps it all around a pretty fun and interesting story that will have you emotionally invested in actually completing the game itself.

It’s not exactly Super Mario Brothers here, but it’s definitely going to offer you a lot more substance – and a much higher reward – than playing the 50th iteration of a game like Angry Birds or Candy Crush.

You see, when you start off with My Singing Monsters, you’re going to be dropped onto a completely and totally silent and (what appears to be) deserted island.

However, as you start to go through the game you’ll gain access to different monsters that play instruments, sing, or make some pretty cool and exciting sounds, and it will be up to you to find a way to compose your own monster “super band” to fill the island with music so that everything has the chance to grow and develop.

It’s a story that a lot of people (young as well as old) can get behind, and one that is going to attract gamers from all walks of life and with all kinds of different interests as well.


As far as gameplay is concerned, you aren’t going to have any for real headache or hassle getting started with My Singing Monsters – even from the very first moment that you turn the game.

This is because it’s this simplified and streamlined controls are super intuitive, but also becomes there is going to be a really quick (almost impossibly quick) introduction and tutorial will walk you through all of the commands you’ll ever need to know.

Gameplay is very simple, very straightforward, and just makes a lot of sense in the overall arc of the story – which is only going to help you get better and better at this game in the process. There really isn’t a learning curve when it comes to My Singing Monsters.


The graphics on My Singing Monsters probably aren’t ever going to be able to rival the kinds of graphics that are available on next generation AAA titles for the new PlayStation and Xbox – but then again they look pretty good on a mobile phone, tablet, or in a browser on your PC or laptop.

The art direction is always pretty cool to see, and you’ll find that each and every one of the monsters that you’ll have access to our uniquely rendered. This allows the monsters of the same breed to show off their own personality so that you can distinguish one from another quite easily, but also gives this game a bit of extra “flavor” that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

The backgrounds of the island are absolutely gorgeous as well, and really help to pull you into the overall story arc.

This is a game that looks good (maybe not great, but definitely very good) on just about any piece of hardware imaginable – you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Overall experience…

At the end of the day, any time you are going to be playing a mobile game or flash game like My Singing Monsters you’re going to want to make sure that it has a built-in social aspect or online multiplayer aspect to get just as much action out of it as possible.

My Singing Monsters definitely showcases the social and community aspects of this game by allowing you to share each and every one of the “monster orchestras” you create in this game with friends, family members, and even complete and total strangers. It also gives you the chance to compete directly against those people with new and unique creations, as well.

Engaging, smartly designed, and definitely a good-looking title through and through, you’re going to want to download and dive headfirst into the world of My Singing Monsters just as soon as you get a chance!

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